Friday, August 26, 2005

"We the Corporate"

Welcome to the world of the corporate! How rosy a picture of this life can we paint... The company loves you, and of course, how happily we return the favor! And quite rightly too. Where else would you receive the abundant luxury of those hissing coffee machines that look all the more inviting with every drink it gives you; the huge 25" monitors that seem to say that a computer should be nothing less, of course with the broadband ligament that comes along with it; the buffets that are laid out every afternoon inviting you to have your stomach's fill; well well, so who wants home, sweet home anymore!

A week later, I'm rethinking all that I just wrote above. A rosy WHAT? The luxury of coffee machines? Surely I must have been out of my mind when I wrote that. And it seems to getting worse with every sentence. Broadband superspeed? Now who needs that anyway? Ah, those wonderful times at home when I could just click on a link and see how it got loaded frame by frame, with every image and every icon fitting so neatly into their space... but of course, now the page opens even before you click on the link! And why don't those buffets seem so tempting anymore? So they've got three varieties of rice and three kinds of your favourite vegetables and sweets you otherwise pay an easy ten bucks for per piece, SO???

Well, surely this is a case of the grass being greener on the other side yet again, but it upsets me when I wonder if I will ever see the other side again. Will I, or will I just sit in front of my (wonderful and massive) 25" monitor looking at codes and comparing their outputs all day? (Which I must say is an awfully drawn out and booooooring job!) Or will I, someday be able to sit at my desk, looking at my screen and finding it filled with words and terms that make some sense to me? When will my freedom from those hexadecimals come! Oh sweet Satan of Numbers, fly thee at once to my wicked aid!

So FF23 EA78 5B6C 9912 and D7EF 2CD6 AA31 665B, before I end this formally!