Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Paradise Lost

Because that you are going
And never coming back
And I, however absolute,
May overlook your Track

Significance that each has lived
The other to detect
Discovery not God himself
Could now annihilate

Eternity, Presumption
The instant I perceive
That you, who were Existence
Yourself forgot to live

The "Life that is" will then have been
A thing I never knew
As Paradise fictitious
Until the Realm of you

The "Life that is to be", to me,
A Residence too plain
Unless in my Redeemer's Face
I recognize your own

Of Immortality who doubts
He may exchange with me
Curtailed by your obscuring Face
Of everything but He

If "All is possible" with Him
As he besides concedes
He will refund us finally
Our confiscated Gods.

- from Emily Dickinson's
Because That You Are Going

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