Sunday, December 03, 2006


How far we’ve come is for the world to see.
How much we share is for us to know.
How long we’ll last is for time to tell.

But if we could decide, we’d say forever.


Abirami said...

Wonderful four lines! and so, totally true :) Btw, any acknowledgements? ;)

John, Dipu John said...

Chandy u rock aliya!!!
I'm planning to scan our gud old pilani 'analog' snaps :)
we'll create a bigger video soon...may be as big as a mega sterial :)

CJ said...

@abirami: i know :) acknoledgements as usual, to all the people who made this possible! :)

@dipu: yes alis... we shd do that! specially some of the trip and the grub snaps... they are just awesome! :)

sowmya gade said...

too nice :)

Divya said...

I'll chip with some scanned analog snaps too....this thing is brilliant - U r too good! Mega sterial here we come...

Kiran said...

chandyyy poiiii.... virichu mannn !!!

good batting !!! good batting !!!

ee kinaru kuzhiyude edaykku ethokke engane sadhichu???

CJ said...

@dd: thanks dds :) we should really think of making a movie sometime... complete with videos and all! but then god knows if we'll get everyone in the same place to do it! we'll figure out some way! :)

@kiran: aliyo, iyaal ennu thottade blog okke vayikkan thodangiye? endhaayalum denks :D pinne kinaru kuzhiyude edaykke ithinokke samayam kittoo!