Thursday, November 15, 2007

Counting to 10

10. Is it really worth it?
9. Are you thinking only from your point of view?
8. Is this going to help you in any way?
7. Are you being fair to the other person?
6. Is it something you would’ve done and not worried about?
5. Do you think you deserve so much attention?
4. Will things get better or worse with an explanation later?
3. Is there any sense in the way you feel?
2. Do you know that life doesn’t always have to be perfect?
1. Are you even thinking?
0. Get over it. It’s never worth it.


Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Point 0 defines the world that we live in

abirami said...

and this, I didnt figure out :))

CJ said...

@banjo: it defines the world we live in, unfortunately it doesn't decide the people we are.

@abi: for once! :) :)

Divya said...

u spoke my mind! dammit! damn that point 0! :)

CJ said...

@dd: u said it mate! :D