Monday, July 28, 2008


Vandana joined classes two days after I did. Standing at one corner of the 4-feet deep pool, I smile seeing Aravind bring her along. Pink flowers on her swimsuit, pink goggles, pink shower cap, pink wristwatch strapped on to her little hand. I always like pink on a girl, but this blast of pink makes me smile again.

Aravind picks her up and dips her into the pool. "Close your mouth. Close your mouth!" That's his I'm-going-to-dip-you-into-the-pool line. Vandana resurfaces gasping for breath. "I got water in my nose!" she whines a little. She runs up the pool steps and stands on the shore. "Enough for today sir!" She whines again. "No problem... no problem Vandana!" Aravind assures her.

Yesterday, ten days from when she first joined, Vandana is bursting with love for water. Aravind holds her high above the water at the 6-feet edge of the pool and throws her in. "Swim Vandana, swim!" he shouts from the edge. Vandana is off like a bullet. Five seconds later she's covered the breadth of the pool. "Let me jump again sir!" she screams, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

For me, who still needs every muscle working to death to swim three-quarters the length of the pool, 3-year old Vandana is my superhero.


kochuthresiamma P J said...

dont talk as tho u r in ur dotage, chands.
of course being 3 yrs old has its advantages
u go me scared for a moment:-) was planning to advise u to use a pair of blinkers when u go for ur swimming lessons.

abirami said...

very very cute post :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

You have a pool there in the desert? :P

CJ said...

@ammai: lol on the blinkers point! not that i feel old and all, but trust me when u see kids one-fifth ur age doing something five times better than u... well! :)

@abi: vandana is waaay cuter than this post! :D

@banjo: haven't u heard of an oasis? :P