Saturday, October 21, 2006

Not My Choice

Ups or Downs.
Highs or Lows.
Smiles or Frowns.
Laughs or Tears.
Joy or Sorrow.
Work or Play.
Now or Later.
Questions or Answers.
Yes or No.

You don't always get to choose.


sowmya said...

and when u get to choose..u make the best choices!! dont u think ?? thts the bright side ! :)

CJ said...

@sowmya: at least life now seems to make me think so! :)

tree said...

i disagree chandy... i think you ALWAYS get to choose. just that you might not like the choice that you are making and hence you THINK you dont get a choice... does this even remotely make sense????

sowmya gade said...

if you dont like wht you are choosing...why would you even make that choice?? having choices is meant for choosing what 'you want', tree ! :)

CJ said...

@tree: i guess if u look at it from the "now, the problem is choice" perspective u're right, but depends on whether u believe in that or not... is the problem always choice? more often than not, maybe... but sometimes, the way things are, u don't actually "choose", u just let things "have their way"... there's a difference tree... that's why my line is "you don't always get to choose" and not "you don't always like your choice" or any sort of crap to do with "fate"...

@sowmya: thanks for helping me out... that's pretty much my point :)