Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spark of Life

The world comes to life, 1130. Good morning, sunshine.
First nurtient intake, 1210. Lunch should be a no-no now.
Crappy hindi movie, 1230. So these guys get paid for acting?
Assignment procrastination #1, 1250. Later.
Extraaa Innings, India v/s West Indies, 1305. "Cricket weds Entertainment"?
Deciding India's fate through a crystal ball, 1325. Oh My God.
Abhishek Bachchan gives away the shirt he wore in Dhoom2, 1350. OK, I love him.
Assignment procrastination #2, 1420. Later.
India bats, 1445. Join the blue billion.
Neverland beckons, 1525. No, I gotta watch this.
Assignment procrastination #2, 1630. Later.
223/9, 1840. Hmmm.
Thunderstorms, 1930. Walk that mile.
Phonecall from Bangalore, 1940. Joy.
West Indies 224/7, 49.4 overs, 2240. Tears.
Dinner, 2250. Food and consolation.
Water on me, 0025. Squeaky clean.
The Mailer, 0045. Contact information.
Assignment procrastination #3, 0120. Tomorrow., 0140. Dump.

20 moments. 19 forgotten.
One spark. I'm alive. :)


sowmya said...

dont need a crystal ball to predict this one - your life will define an era !! :)

CJ said...

@sowmya: strong prediction! would be great if it came tru tho... :)
or is that a blessing? coz i've heard u're pretty good with those! ;)

sowmya gade said...

its neither...its just a word :)

CJ said...

@sowmya: thy "word" be done :)

tree said...

mudile!!! :)

CJ said...

@tree: hah! u can't get away with that this time... i'm sure this is one post u soooo relate to! :)