Saturday, November 18, 2006

4 Years

It was a long time ago. I guess for some people memories never die. Damn how I wish it did. Time and thoughts, you can’t stop them.

Winamp and I have this deal. Couldn’t have heard a better song now:

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life.

Two different deserts. Not easy.

Life lasts four years. My friend A back in India would give me a Hi5 on that.


sowmya gade said...

memories last for a lifetime... relive life ! [:)]

Hemamalini said...

Its all about the people. I SO know this phase!
Finally in Qatar?

Dhruv said...

I like the 'Two different deserts. Not easy.' line. Nice thought :)

And sorry for vandalising the page :)

Abirami said...

Hi5 :)

Abirami said...

Or should it be :( ?

CJ said...

@sowmya: true! and it IS the only way u can relive life... just thta sometimes u wish there were some more! :)

@hema: its saudi... n dont think our thoughts woulda been too far apart... u said it right: it's all abt the people!

@dhruv: thanks man! and while i'm still in the phase where i'm begging people to read my blog u can please continue your vandalising! ;)

@abirami1: so much for my effort to respect ur privacy =) but hi5! :)

@abirami2: i guess it's " :( " for a while... but then once u know u have to get used to it, there's a slow transition to " :) "... and that's the best phase! :)