Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spark of Life

The world comes to life, 1130. Good morning, sunshine.
First nurtient intake, 1210. Lunch should be a no-no now.
Crappy hindi movie, 1230. So these guys get paid for acting?
Assignment procrastination #1, 1250. Later.
Extraaa Innings, India v/s West Indies, 1305. "Cricket weds Entertainment"?
Deciding India's fate through a crystal ball, 1325. Oh My God.
Abhishek Bachchan gives away the shirt he wore in Dhoom2, 1350. OK, I love him.
Assignment procrastination #2, 1420. Later.
India bats, 1445. Join the blue billion.
Neverland beckons, 1525. No, I gotta watch this.
Assignment procrastination #2, 1630. Later.
223/9, 1840. Hmmm.
Thunderstorms, 1930. Walk that mile.
Phonecall from Bangalore, 1940. Joy.
West Indies 224/7, 49.4 overs, 2240. Tears.
Dinner, 2250. Food and consolation.
Water on me, 0025. Squeaky clean.
The Mailer, 0045. Contact information.
Assignment procrastination #3, 0120. Tomorrow., 0140. Dump.

20 moments. 19 forgotten.
One spark. I'm alive. :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Not My Choice

Ups or Downs.
Highs or Lows.
Smiles or Frowns.
Laughs or Tears.
Joy or Sorrow.
Work or Play.
Now or Later.
Questions or Answers.
Yes or No.

You don't always get to choose.