Tuesday, July 31, 2007


On this day, six years ago, we stepped into a world we called our own. A world we loved, a world we shared with so many wonderful people I can't write all their names down.

And between us over three and a half years we were together, we shared an unspoken closeness, never expressed in words or feelings, either to each other or to anyone else. We've never classified each other as best friends, it seems absurd to do so. Just part of a group with changing members: talking about nothing, cribbing about everything, letching at cycling girls from the hostel front wing, calling meetings to discuss "official" events, saying "to hell with grades" when secretly we knew it mattered the most. A hundred other things which still remain part of my best memories.

Felt, but never expressed.

Today when he's leaving, there are no tears to say goodbye. Just a heartfelt smile at the amazing journey we've made.

~ For D ~


Ojas said...


Our bestest wishes to D.

Very touchy post, btw. I hope he reads it.

CJ said...

@ojas: wouldn't mind if he doesn't read it... for me, it would be better that way :)

dj said...

Thanks for those words aliya. Happened to see this post after 6 months :(. Thanks abi for the pointer. For some reason, my love for the two people I admire most - John my dad and John the CJ still remain unexpressed. But the unspoken words seem to be more powerful than the ones we've spoken and written.

Thanks a ton Oja! A bit too late tho' :)


CJ said...

@dipu: woulda been perfectly fine if u hadn't seen it also alis... for me that's what unspoken is all about, really... :)