Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Do the Right Thing

I've always thought that I'm a good listener (arguable). But listening to how people who you think have a better time than you place their lives in the pits makes you wonder what to make of your own.

Either you can just sit and stare into space, wondering whether you ever make the right choice.

Or else, you can thank God for giving you memories, good or bad, that'll last forever.


Renu Ann said...

i love this song to death..melancholic yet thought provoking ,so true...words woven together..till you can see a carpet of memories of his best

CJ said...

@renu: ur comment was for the "one voice" post, right? :) yep, beautiful song! and his voice makes it all the more nostalgic... being so much of a bryan adams fan i'm surprised i heard it for the first time only two months ago!