Thursday, August 30, 2007

To Live For

~ Dancin' on the rig floor to Rain Rain Go Away
~ Aloo-mutter masala and chicken tandoori two thousand miles from India
~ Working at 52 degC and 83% humidity
~ gtalk-ing thru a dial-up connection
~ Knowing the right time at seven places in the world without checking
~ The Afghan cab driver's story on the way to the airport
~ The "call a friend a week" resolution
~ Petrol that's cheaper than water


Renu Ann said...

i hear you!

abirami said...

for once, most of it is news to me :)
very crisply put ! wish i could learn from you how to manage to find pleasure in every little thing you do!!

Ojas said...

Life is fun, brother :)

Very well written.. could almost get a feel of your life out there. why dont you inlclude me in call-a-friend-a-week list?

CJ said...

@renu: will keep up my yellin' from time to time! :)

@abi: :) :)

@ojas: the list will soon hit ur name sweetheart! :D

Hemamalini said...

Roger That.

CJ said...

@hema: loud n clear! :)