Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just a Short-Term Thing

Ever had the experience where you can say anything to people to hardly know? It's not because you suddenly discover some hidden connection that sparks to life. Probably it's knowing the fact that even if they know every dark secret of your life you still wouldn't care.

For me that's the beauty of short-term relationships. You can tell them just about anything and not worry about it. That you smoke 20 cigarettes a day. That you once fell asleep on the college sidewalk after a night of heavy alcohol. That you've fallen in and out of love four times. That the ring on your finger was actually a gift from an ex-girlfriend which you never bothered to return. Pretty much anything you want to say, because you don't care about what they think. And they don't care about what they think either.

Life's good.

Disclaimer: The examples above are just that: examples. I have (probably) never had anyone/most/some of those.


Ojas said...

Your post reminded me of the great 'Catcher in the Rye' :)

CJ said...

@ojas: haven't read the book but i think i kinda know what u're talking about :)

renu said...

now the million$ question is..did you do any of the above???????? if so,your life has been enriched !!!wohooo! may there be many more of these short term thingies

CJ said...

@renu: doesn't really sound like me, does it? :D it's probably best (for the post!) if it remains undisclosed though! ;)