Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Objects in the Rear View Mirror

As a kid I loved those Sunday afternoons. Get back from church after Sunday classes, have a long and elaborate lunch, and wait till 4 pm when the regional movie would be played on DD-1. Remember those "handovers" from national to regional television?

"The next transmission from this kendra will be at 8.30 pm.
Over to regional kendras"

But five minutes before a bright blue screen displayed this message, almost every week you would see this:

Then the age of DD-1 passed, and the song lay forgotten like a dusty old book that had fallen down the shelf into the corner near the wall.

Today listening to it brought back a wave of memories, many of those of the good old DD-1 days, when the indo-pak cricket match would be interrupted by the half an hour news I didn't give a damn about. Of tuning my TV over and over again to listen to the Superhit Muqabla countdown on DD-2 even if I couldn't get the video. Of running out of the school bus to watch that children's show at 5 pm every Wednesday. Of Chitrahaar and the "a gift for someone you love" Amul ads. Of the Piyo Glass Full Doodh song.

And that when you're so far away from home, joining everyone together with one voice seems to make a lot more sense than it did ten years ago.


Shriram said...

I could not agree more - Bheem

CJ said...

@bhim: roger that macha :)

renu said...

that mile sur mera so unerringly nostalgic,courtesy you i downloaded it..made a couple of friends see it..awakened their desi nostaligia too..thanks buddy!

CJ said...

@renu: u're welcome! :) remember the time when we used to sit n wait for the ente swaravum ningalude swaravum... bit? :D

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

i remeber how ende swaravum used to make me infinitely indignant - didnt fancy kerala being represented by a half clad man on an elephant!!!!!!!!!!:_)