Friday, October 19, 2007

All Good Things

I'll always remember -

- sleepy mornings in classroom 15
- going around France for 6€ a day
- the joy of being under 26
- evenings at 502
- complaining for no reason at all
- the tortilla chips & guacamole combo
- Ratatouille and Amélie
- 6 weeks and 11 friends

All good things have to end sometime. :)


Hemamalini said...

Amelie! Loved the movie:)
Did you do any traveling around Europe? (from the under-26 hint)

CJ said...

@hema: yep! specially if u've visited paris... think i watched it at the right time :)

traveling around europe... only to brussels... but europe loves "young people" more than any other place i know! :D

Anonymous said...

no one will understand that post better than me! - Archana

CJ said...

@ramana: you got that right! :) which reminds me... u should definitely watch Amelie... feel u'll l-o-v-e the movie!