Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sticky Numbers

1234 – The only reason I was spiritual so far from home
2212 - For a freshers' period like no other
3201, 2214, 3215 – For a prof who revived my dying love for Math
3245 – One year that made a lot of right decisions for me
221 – For 12 guys and the simplicity of being friends
115, 116 – Partners in crime, in good times and bad
123, 124 – Two heavy drinkers whose rooms were the perfect refuge the night before a test
224, 113 – The happy well-fed guy whom I’ve irritated more than everyone else put together
2158 – For the best sams and sweet lassis around
2160 – For late nights, burning eyes, crazy conversations and mild steel rods
5101 – For the only course I truly understood during my CDCs


sowmya gade said...

cutely crisp :) its nice trying to figure out your post :)

Ojas said...

.. and I could figure out almost everything :)

Thanks -- is all I have to say!

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

You never irritated anyone, you overgrown kid :-(

CJ said...

@g: thanks! :) happy u spent the time to figure it out btw! :D

@ojas: some days just stay with u always man!

@banjo: u know it best! :) but i'm not even thinking abt whether it was or not... what's there in a day at BITS without crashing in on 224/113! :) :)

Abirami said...

:) 10/10 :)

CJ said...

@abi: wo, really? a treat is in order! :)