Thursday, April 01, 2010

Enough Already

I'm not one to comment on socially sensitive topics. But this whole Sania news just doesn't allow me to do the same thing this time. Hate mails and comments and news just keep piling on day after day. Everyone suddenly thinks Sania should be the role model India never had. How can she marry someone who has previously been accused of match fixing? Doesn't she know cricket is an Indian religion? Doesn't an alliance with someone like this destroy and defile our nation? And does she know he's been married to someone previously? We as a nation are worried for her safety and security! What if his ex-wife attacks her and we lose our best tennis sensation!! And the worst part is OMG WTF he's a Pakistani! Surely being the responsible Indian she is she CANNOT even THINK of even associating with people that we are at war with??

Give it a rest guys. Let's forget the fact that what Sania does with her life shouldn't be anyone's business. It's like we've just gone back twenty years. To blaming everyone in the nation for something most of them aren't responsible for. To looking for reasons to find fault when there are better things to do. To just wiping out all those initiatives, all the music and lyrics for love, peace and brotherhood. These are people with us, people around us, people like us. When an enemy has a face, he shouldn't be your enemy anymore.


Divya said...

am afraid Chandy.. disagree with ya here. The aggressive, oversensitive, irrational (??) patriot in me can't understand how any Indian girl can marry and live in a country which routinely sends terrorists to kill our ppl. Ppl may say love is blind..but my kinda love and marriage is where you keep your eyes 'open' so you can see the wonderful person you are going to be spending the rest of your life with. Besides avoiding pitfalls like our man Mr. Malik and marrying someone thinking it was someone else(!?!), I think it makes good sense.
P.S. A fiery post like this suits me I guess

CJ said...

dds - the issue isn't about who sania's marrying at all... for that i couldn't care less. n there's no question shoaib malik's a joker! but it pains me how people have generalized terrorism to include every single pakistani. maybe it matters so much to me because i work with them and live with them - but this is something i just cannot come to terms with. any dream or hope for indo-pak peace will not last with this perception. do we take the news of a hindu-muslim wedding similarly citing the babri masjid or the hundreds of other communal riots that've killed people every year within our country?

the final_letter blog is obviously meant to be funny - which makes it OK i guess... there's a difference between sarcasm and accusations. i recommend "mumbai meri jaan" for you - i think u should watch it sometime :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Oye, given that we are in a country with dwindling gender ratio, I think Indian men were genuinely upset.

And maybe people were upset about the other lady. We are rab ne bana de jodi country. :)

abirami said...

Enough of this long break from blogging ! :D

SS said...

I support your view CJ, what one does is only his/her business. Just stay out of it. Unfortunately, poking nose in other people's affairs is a trend in our country. I guess that's because these people are idle and dumb. And the men are just jealous because some lucky Pakistani dude with multiple wives gets going to bed with a good looking girl while they have to return to their wives who are predictably old, fat and ugly. Can't blame them after all :)

CJ said...

@banjo: i hear the romantic in you, buddy! :)
@abi: have made an attempt to shorten it! :D
@SS: true... somehow we all have this problem of making someone else's problem our own!

Whatever Strikes! said...

What she does is entirely her personal matter, left to her conscience. She will continue playing from India's side which should be enough for us!

Let's pray she doesn't get victimized anywhere in the new country.

Weren't we the same people 63 years ago? God, let the hatred come down at least at the civilian level, if not possible at the political, diplomatic or military level...

Anonymous said...

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